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up Parent Directory 31-Mar-2020 04:36 - unknown 09-Sep-2018 01:01 9620k unknown 09-Sep-2018 00:57 9556k [IMG] EnergyBudget-anot.png 07-Jan-2019 05:07 880k [IMG] Energy-Budget+gnd.png 26-Jun-2019 23:09 876k [IMG] CO2cycleTable.tiff 22-Aug-2018 03:48 408k [IMG] CO2cycleTable.jpg 22-Aug-2018 04:02 364k [IMG] CO2cycleTable copy.jpg 22-Aug-2018 03:51 332k [IMG] DSE-moon.png 11-Feb-2019 03:35 200k [IMG] SST+ann.png 14-Aug-2019 06:09 188k [IMG] EB-5.jpg 13-Aug-2019 23:37 172k [IMG] DSEcalcsExp.png 22-Jan-2019 07:01 140k [IMG] CO2calcs.gif 15-Aug-2016 05:31 120k [IMG] AR5-CO2-Cycle.gif 24-Jun-2016 09:59 104k [IMG] Radiation and Heat Transfer in the Atmosphere-p25.png 25-Aug-2019 00:21 100k [IMG] Mixed_layer_depth.gif 13-Jul-2016 02:22 88k [IMG] mfp-Temp-Emiss-WV.png 06-Aug-2019 05:22 80k [IMG] RadiationToSurfaceX2.png 07-Jan-2019 02:22 68k [IMG] LW-Cooling.gif 21-Jul-2016 08:03 68k [IMG] GISP2-Temperature-EPICA-DomeC.png 06-Feb-2019 09:07 64k [IMG] GISP2-Temperature-DomeC.png 06-Feb-2019 09:07 64k [IMG] Heat-Merriam-Webster.png 27-Jul-2019 00:50 52k [IMG] constraints.gif 14-Aug-2016 03:16 36k [IMG] temps-CO2-icecore.gif 16-Aug-2015 01:45 32k [IMG] R&C-lapse-rates.gif 06-Aug-2016 03:13 32k [IMG] R&C-lapse rates.gif 06-Aug-2016 03:13 32k [IMG] GCB-graph.gif 24-Jun-2016 10:05 32k [IMG] Earth_heat_balance_Sankey_diagram.svg.gif 22-Jul-2016 03:33 32k [IMG] st_wc.gif 30-Jul-2016 03:51 28k [IMG] frozenthames1677.jpg 11-Aug-2019 23:40 28k [IMG] SignalR150203.135529_1S2.gif 03-Feb-2015 02:15 28k [IMG] permittivity.gif 11-Aug-2016 03:21 20k [IMG] Wiki-heat 190727.png 06-Aug-2019 02:50 20k [IMG] Heat-Oxford.png 06-Aug-2019 02:46 20k [IMG] Atmospheric_Transmission.gif 22-Jul-2016 02:08 20k [IMG] GHE-temperatureProfile.png 15-Mar-2020 00:27 16k [IMG] CO2_H2O_absorption.gif 24-Jul-2016 01:39 12k

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