The Tetragraph

In Brindabella Trust, Mary and Tom discuss its symbolism

‘The image you gave of opening a portal into a particular domain of mind is one I've heard expressed before. It's close to the Buddhist concept of maya which is seen as an illusory view of the real world – a dream world constrained by our perceptions.
‘The Confucian image is clearly associated with the notion of God as the accumulation of past wisdom – the worldly old man, or as you might put it, the left brained masculine. The Buddha image can be seen as a portal to the quiescent state – calming the right brain so we can have a wider portal. The Taijitu reflects what you say about the balance of order and chaos – finding the centre – left and right acting in harmony. And visually it evokes motion – a turning wheel – cycles of life. The star as a symbol of society is not so obvious – perhaps because of its more recent origin.’
‘I think it works well, and probably has ancient origins. You can view the points as representing the individuals that make up a society. Coming in from the points you broaden out through family, friends, local community, merging together as the whole society at the centre.’
‘Of course! That works. I'll see it differently from now on.’