The Trust – Automated PA Communications

From Brindabella Trust:

‘What is the decision making process in Arkadel? Is it a democracy?’
‘It's been described as an exhaustive democracy. Our PAs are engaged in a constant, anonymous exchange of views on any topic that any individual chooses to define. This process is quizzed whenever a decision needs to be made.’
‘With widespread adoption of PAs, a new form of democracy is now available. In Arkadel we maintain aggregations of individual views at several levels. At the most superficial level we have message flows arising from discussions and incidents that I display in my broadcasts. These can capture the short term dynamics of ephemeral interests.
‘At the deepest level we maintain anonymous assessments of views covering a wide range of detail – any topic that anyone wants to host. If there's enough interest in a topic, caucuses form to analyse views, how they are changing, and the implications.’
‘Your concern about whether The Trust will be long-term stable has already been solved within Arkadel by voluntarily limiting private PA interaction to current communication requirements. Beyond that, the broader mapping of differences of opinion being anonymous at the individual level minimises individual conflict while providing guidelines as to how much co-operation can be expected, so it provides a cautionary buffer.’
‘That's been my intuition. Maintenance of diversity of opinion has evolved in the system, and we have a century of increasing evidence that it works.