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Brindabella Chronicles Summary The Brindabella Chronicles span three years at the turn of the twenty third century. This is realist future fiction with technologies that are achievable over this current century if we make the effort, and science that is constrained within the bounds of plausibility.

The stories are set in two quite distinct societies. Brindabella is a Janeite community that, with minimal help from modern technologies, has recreated the world of Jane Austen in the Brindabella valley of New South Wales. In contrast, Arkadel – a small floating city in the centre of the Pacific Ocean – is one of the most future oriented societies of the time. It is a swarm hive that's inhabitants devote their lives to preparing their Personal Archives to command spindles – tiny space craft designed to explore the galaxy in large swarms, and sow the seeds of settlement.

Book 1: Brindabella 2200. Arkadelian mathematician and social modeller Mary Wang recruits Tom Oldfield to help solve a scientific quest of her great grandmother Sara, and returns with him to Brindabella. The quest is successful. There are weddings.

Book 2: Brindabella Aftermath. Their findings shock the planet, and shock is quickly turned to fear by groups who's aim is to undermine The Treaty that has maintained peace for the past century. Mary returns to Arkadel in an attempt to quell the fears. She explores worlds of the secretive cybs and learns much from their understanding of swarming. There is another wedding.

Book 3: Brindabella Trust. Mary turns her efforts to reforming The Treaty. Back in Brindabella, she learns about the evolution of religions, gods and ideologies. Now that the world has finally recovered from the collapse of the institutions of the First Enlightenment it is moving into a Second Enlightenment based on trust. There is a death.

./Book 1 - Brindabella 2200
./Book 1 - Brindabella 2200/-summary.html

Brindabella 2200 Summary
Brindabella 2200

Raised in the Pacific Ocean colonies of Arkadel and New Shanghai, Mary Wang has seen thirty active but aimless years. Bored with her life she takes on a challenge hinted by the PA of her famous but long-dead great grandmother, Sara. But what is the challenge? She’s no scientist as Sara was and Sara PA is preoccupied with the politics of The Swarm in orbit around Neptune and preparing to start its long Galactic journey.

So she recruits a scientist. She lures him to Arkadel in a deep cloak of secrecy - a secrecy that stems not so much from the customs and habits of her full-surveillance Arkadelian culture but from the simple fact that she doesn’t really know what she wants of him and is reluctant to admit it - even to herself.

She travels with him back to his home - a Janeite community in a secluded valley of the Brindabella Mountains. There, as she delves into the biology of brain, mind and spirit and the parallel technologies and dynamics of the PA world, clues emerge that point to the nature of Sara’s challenge.

It is the year 2200 - a year that will change forever what it means to be human.

Brindabella 2200 now available free at Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers,

./Book 2 - Brindabella Aftermath
./Book 2 - Brindabella Aftermath/-summary.html

Brindabella Aftermath Summary
Brindabella Aftermath

The first book in this series, Brindabella 2200, was the story of a scientific quest. Along the way, the participants explored the questions of what we are as humans and what we are as individuals. For the central character, Mary Wang, and her Arkadelian culture there was also the question of how far a Personal Archive could capture the character, or spirit, of a person and propagate that through time and space beyond their physical existence.

This book goes beyond the individual and looks at societies and cultures as Mary tries to understand and quench the furore that the results of their quest unleashed. As her new friends, Clare and Tom, look forward to the birth of their first child, she realises that the key to understanding the behaviour and evolution of whole cultures is childhood – in particular the importance of children's stories.

Brindabella Aftermath is available from Smashwords and other retailers at an introductory discounted price of $3.99.

./Book 3 - Brindabella Trust
./Book 3 - Brindabella Trust/-summary.html

Brindabella and Beyond Mary, now turning her attention to reform of the crumbling Treaty, is confronted with the challenge of understanding the diversity of the Zones and also their commonalities.

In this book the characters explore human civilisation with themes such as: What is culture? What is God? What is religion? What is ideology? What is death?

Publication along with the full trilogy, Brindabella Chronicles, due 17th of August 2018 at Smashwords, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble.

The following sample chapters are from an early draft. Will be refreshed soon.

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