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Brindabella 2200 Summary
Brindabella 2200

Raised in the Pacific Ocean colonies of Arkadel and New Shanghai, Mary Wang has seen thirty active but aimless years. Bored with her life she takes on a challenge hinted by the PA of her famous but long-dead great grandmother, Sara. But what is the challenge? She’s no scientist as Sara was and Sara PA is preoccupied with the politics of The Swarm in orbit around Neptune and preparing to start its long Galactic journey.

So she recruits a scientist. She lures him to Arkadel in a deep cloak of secrecy - a secrecy that stems not so much from the customs and habits of her full-surveillance Arkadelian culture but from the simple fact that she doesn’t really know what she wants of him and is reluctant to admit it - even to herself.

She travels with him back to his home - a Janeite community in a secluded valley of the Brindabella Mountains. There, as she delves into the biology of brain, mind and spirit and the parallel technologies and dynamics of the PA world, clues emerge that point to the nature of Sara’s challenge.

It is the year 2200 - a year that will change forever what it means to be human.

Brindabella 2200 now available free at Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers,