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Technology Archives

Most significant article: Personal Archives

Related articles: Knowledge Systems and Conflict,
Knowledge Futures (refers to deprecated WordMuller software)

More technical (Natural language Processing):
nlp-all.pdf, NLP-Parser.pdf, NLP-Inference.pdf

./Technology/ChitSets Intro.html (1y 2w , size: 6665 bytes)
./Technology/Knowledge Futures.html (1y 2w , size: 8365 bytes)
./Technology/Knowledge Systems and Conflict.html (1y 2w , size: 17910 bytes)
./Technology/LegacySoftware.html ( 29w 4d ago, size: 752 bytes)
./Technology/MatchingParam.pdf (5y 22w 2d ago, size: 65859 bytes)
./Technology/NLP-DataStructures.pdf (8y 48w 3d ago, size: 150699 bytes)
./Technology/NLP-Inference.pdf (8y 48w 3d ago, size: 195013 bytes)
./Technology/NLP-Parser.pdf (8y 48w 3d ago, size: 182984 bytes)
./Technology/Personal Archives.html (1y 2w , size: 24156 bytes)
./Technology/PersonalArchives.pdf ( 38w 5d ago, size: 141111 bytes)
./Technology/ (6y 2w 1d ago, size: 351234 bytes)
./Technology/SLabView Intro.html (1y 5w 4d ago, size: 6822 bytes)
./Technology/SpeechDecisionTree.pdf (5y 22w 2d ago, size: 25855 bytes)
./Technology/TWM-Performance-Usability.pdf (5y 22w 1d ago, size: 307247 bytes)
./Technology/Time in ASR.pdf (5y 22w 1d ago, size: 310440 bytes)
./Technology/nlp-all.pdf (5y 22w 2d ago, size: 337083 bytes)