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David Davies - Academic Publications

As is commonly the case, I didn't actually write some of these – only where I appear first in the author list. I did make a substantial contribution to them all.

Davies, D., A study of the hyperfine structure of the iodine molecule using a laser technique, MSc thesis, ANU, 1972. (Department of Physics, ANU)

Davies, D., Lead in Petrol: Toward a cost benefit assessment, CRES Monograph 1, Canberra, 1980. (Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, ANU)

Davies, D., The impact of petrol additives on vehicle maintenance costs, CRES Paper 3, 1980.

Davies, D., Combustion chamber deposits, Correspondence, Nature, 17 April and 26 June 1980,

Davies, D., A Text Compression System for Natural Language Processing, Proceedings of the National Conference on Microcomputer Software, Canberra, 1982. (private research)

Anderssen R, Davies D, Jakeman A, Newsam G, Interactive Software for Aquifer Analysis, Proceedings of Watercomp-89 Conference, Melbourne, 1989. (Centre for Mathematics and its Applications, ANU)

J. Bruce Millar, Dave Davies, The ANDOR Interface to the Australian National Database of Spoken Language, Proceedings SST94, Perth, 1994. (The Computer Sciences Laboratory, RSPhysS, ANU)

Davies, D., Millar.J.B., The evaluation of a computationally efficient method for generating a voiced-source synchronised timing signal, In Proc. 6th Australian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology Adelaide 1996. (Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, ANU)

Davies, D., Millar,J.B., Quantification of the phonetic relevance of spectrotemporal acoustic features, In Proceedings of 14th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhs'99 Volume 2), San Francisco 1999.

Millar, J.B., Davies D., A Reassessment of Temporal Information in Speech Processing, Workshop on Innovation in Speech Processing, England, 2001.

Davies, D., Representing Time in Automated Speech Recognition, PhD thesis, ANU, 2002.