Note by: dai: Sunday 17th of December 2017 12:54 PM, EAT

A Note on Publication

I have no intention of submitting this work to an academic publication for several reasons:

I've been a long-standing critic of the legacy press. The journal articles in my list of publications were submitted by co-authors. It's processes are opaque and subject to corruption. It has always been parasitic in that it has held a monopoly on material generally funded from the public purse, and now, with internet publication virtually free, it is redundant.

Journals' peer review process is not part of the scientific process, as some claim, but a subediting role of the publication process. Scientific review is an ongoing post-publication process. I am submitting my work for open public discussion and criticism.

As far as I can see, the assumption that I am contradicting, that the greenhouse/delay effect sets Earth's surface temperatures, has itself never been publicly justified. Now that it is publicly challenged, it is up to those who support it to provide some quantified justification.

I consider the physics in this work to be at the level of an undergraduate assignment. It's significance is political, not scientific.