Brindabella Zone

Launch 2012
Destination 2200
Dedicated to future history and sundry other topics.

We start with a peek at the turn of the twenty first century when Western society was starting to recover from the bloody turmoil of the previous century. The brash rationalism of the First Enlightenment had reached its inevitable climax of hubris and nihilism, plunging much of the world into totalitarianism as a desperate attempt to regain order propped up by ill-fated ideologies

There is little to be seen of the daily lives of particular individuals of this era. We have fictional accounts, but these have been deprecated by historians as highly variable in fidelity. What we do have are expressions of individual opinions on a wide variety of topics. Here we present a small collection passed to PA Winston in the early years of the colony. They reflect an emerging response to the dilemmas facing the world – sowing the seeds for the Second Enlightenment.

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The turn of the twenty third century saw the first of the great swarms leaving Neptune for their journey of exploration and settlement across the galaxy.

It also saw us throw off the increasingly burdensome shackles of The Treaty, which had competed its task of reducing tensions between the zones and created global stability. With the turmoil generated by two Industrial Revolutions subsided, the birth of a new era, the flowering of the Second Enlightenment, was emerging.

For us of the Brindabella Plain, our ‘little plain, hemmed by a fairy ring of hills’, it also saw the scattering of the initial spores that have mushroomed into the vibrant community we now enjoy.

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This year we celebrated news that the first landing had been made on Ransom Gamma, with phase three exploration concluding that the planet is sterile. By now, the first stages of terraforming will have begun the long journey towards the seeding of human settlement.